Should Spurs have had a penalty on Saturday at Man City?

Michael Oliver is our leading referee and he’s behind the incident when it happens, a 50-yard pass drops down in the area deflecting from Spurs Dele Ali onto Kyle Walker’s arm.

As a grassroots referee you look at the distance the ball has travelled, this is 1 yard from Ali’s Chest onto Walker’s arm. Walkers arm isn’t in an unnatural position for someone sprinting to get back into the space between player and goal to block a shot, arms moving while running is natural.
Was there a movement towards the ball yes, so that’s only 1 out 3 of the criteria I would look at to give a handball, however you cannot determine this movement as deliberate, so for me, Oliver got the decision correct.
You would expect an appeal rightly so but even the commentators were unsure on this decision.