Team Subscription


Through subscribing your team to Keys To Football, you and your team have full access to our training and development platform.

Through the platform you have the access to the following areas:

  • Add up to 3 games / training sessions a week to the system.
  • Set-up key aspects, criteria and grades against each assessment to assess your team or coaching performance.
  • Create custom groups, to split your users up into key assessment areas.
  • Watch games and training sessions back, tagging key discussion points throughout.
  • Give video and written feedback to players or coaches based on your tags.
  • Create and assign learning and documentation, to further increase the knowledge and understanding of your team.
  • Add up to 20 players / staff to be involved in the assessment processes.
  • Develop and sell your own courses.
  • Access to automated, filtered highlights of each game uploaded.
  • All users have their own personal development area, to study their own strengths and areas for improvements.

The platform incorporates so much more than the above. To arrange a demonstration of the platform or to meet up with our team, get in touch!

If you’re already happy with the potential of this unique assessment and development tool, sign up below.