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Where do you set your bar for achievements, what are your personal standards of acceptance and a minimum requirement for your own satisfaction.

I’ve woken up to the fact two of our brightest prospects in refereeing have failed their FIFA fitness tests. Circumstance has led to both being under the weather at this point but regardless from your first referee fitness test to this ultimate test, you are informed if not 100% don’t do it.

This aside my question was simple” Why isn’t the FIFA fitness test the premier league fitness test?”

We have the “best” competition in the world, some of the “best” players. I cannot understand why we don’t have the best fitness test. It’s about where you set your bar and your criteria.

Players have been getting fitter and faster for many years and the introduction of professional match officials was something which had to happen.

Did you know the change to fitness was referees would average 12000metres per game, 12 Kilometres, 7.45 miles, this is on average with top games far-reaching this distance.

Out of this 1000 metres were at speeds of 7 metres per second. This is major, but if the fitness test for FIFA is higher then the criteria and standards to be in the top league in the world should absolutely match if not even higher.

There is nothing wrong to want to be the best, there is nothing wrong with wanting the best third team in the world.

Let’s stop blocking the cream rising to the top because the standards which we are accepting isn’t the standards to be the best in the world.