Great game over the weekend and enjoyed getting back in the middle. I’d taken a year out on refereeing such a high level but felt good to be back in the middle. The game was played in the heat and was going to be testing. We had the new laws to apply so I taught as we went. Simple things please me, and being able to drop my arm from an Indirect free kick when no chance of a goal straight away was good. My fitness as I expected would have been questionable as the game went on, and the dynamic sprints disappear. If you look at the images below you’ll see how the movement reduces, however, I do cover slightly more ground but at a steady pace.

If you look at the running graph you’ll how deep into the areas I get and look at the width, a typical start of a preseason game.
With the heat, we played 3 thirds instead.









The running was as far in the middle third but a couple of good sprints, but there is more width so am I getting when to run and when not to run focus coming back as the game goes on?










A different view for the final period, look how narrow I’ve become, a couple of sprints are evident, but the width has gone, everyone was tired at this point which means more fouls, more mistakes, which is when a referee needs to be at their fittest.