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After a week off within the festive period, AOS FC returned to play their second league game of the season. Again, striker Archie Dickens sunning it up in the Dominican, senior figure Graham Bell stepped in to provide depth to the squad. The game was one which saw AOS FC go 100% from the whistle go. The opponents, with plenty of legs and subs, could not deal with the quick passing, amazing dribbling and ruthless finishing on show, as AOS FC ran into a 9-0 lead by the break.

The second half didn’t see AOS calm the game down and solidify. Instead, the side decided to be merciless, with every shot on goal seeming to break the back of the net. It was a brutal showing from all on the pitch, with Danny Bell firing from all cylinders. The game was paused as the opposition keeper had enough and changed, this even tempted keeper Luke Barraclough to play outfield for the last five minutes, even bagging a quick hat trick.

A comprehensive display from the entire team, demolishing the opponents and putting their mark down on the league. Next week sees two games, back to back for AOS FC.

Score: AOS FC 24-2 We R Ghana Win

Man of the Match: Danny Bell

Sponsor: Keys To Football