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After their back to back victories last week, AOS FC played in the storm. However, strong winds and rain in a dark, gloomy night in Sheffield did not stop their momentum from carrying on. There 4th game of the season in League Two was overshadowed by the possibility of AOS been moved up 3 divisions to the Premier League, for being too good for their opponents???

Anyways, a game which should have tested the determination and fitness of the side was dominated with ease from the minute go. Quickfire goals from both Ryan Hall and Danny Bell started the route which was about to take place. A feisty game, with the opponents watching a bit too much premier league football, saw tempers flare with rash and late challenges from both sides. Dives from the opposition players, saw the referee take a shine to AOS FC’s fair play.

All on form, with striker Archie Dickens scoring on his return from the Dominican, saw quick passing moves, resulting in the ball nestling in the net time after time. The strikes that powerful, injuring two of the opposition keepers in 30 minutes. The opponents did get a few goals, and wasn’t too bad in front of goal, forcing Luke into quite a few diving saves. However, the pace and finishing on show from AOS FC proved too good, resulting in 17-5 victory.

AOS FC, who was looking to work their way up through the divisions, gaining trophies along the way, now have been moved straight up to the top division after only 4 games. Something both the manager Luke and captain Danny will not be happy about, especially after taking the place of a bottom side with five losses from seven!

Score: AOS FC 17-5 Top Shottaz

Man of the Match: Ryan Hall

Sponsor: Keys To Football