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Raise standards in coaching, players and officiating through development and education.

It’s not just about stats and technology, but development and education.


What the platform does

What we do

Coaches planning and development

Coach your coaches and put them on a development journey. Are they implementing your club philosophy? Are they improving?  Are they identifying the correct training needs for individual players?

Players skills, knowledge and performance enhancement

Do players know and understand their strengths and weaknesses? Can they track their progress and believe a club is invested in their development. Matches, trainings, drills and tactics can all be used.

Match Officials, observers and mentoring

Full tracking, full development of match officials with action plans for development. Real life scenarios. Online observation and assessment. The platform can therefore be used at any level where education and development is paramount.

e-learning to break barriers to learning over distances

Allow every aspect of the platform to relate to elearning, challenges online and the development of the player, coach or official holistically through learning remotely anywhere at anytime. The key is learning.

Blended learning to raise standards across all levels

Use a range of coaching and teaching approaches to maximise the learning and development of all the users, tutor, coaches and assessors. Use traditional, digital and virtual platforms to benefit all.

Workshops & Forums to allow discussion and theoretical debates

Enable virtual classroom, tutorials, interviews, discussions, debates and massive involvements through the workshops and forums available via the elearning and training platform.

Clubs HR, Audits & Training

Fully trackable system to ensure every person involved in the club has the right qualifications at the right level. Allocate training courses to the right people to support your club HR policies.

Academy education

Use a range of coaching and teaching approaches to maximise the learning and development of all the users, tutor, coaches and assessors. Use traditional, digital and virtual platforms to benefit all.


Courses are being added all the time, Laws of the game, Sin Bins and very importantly Safeguarding.  We aim to create an understanding of knowledge regarding certain topics and identify gaps of knowledge, to upskill them and improve consistency.


Comprehensive safeguarding learning, courses and discussions within the platform. Our safeguarding courses are written by one of the UK’s leading experts.


Keys to Football have access to the leading experts in their field. We can help build the structure you are looking for: Grow and develop, Officials, Coaches and Players. 

Live stream of games and on demand

Enable your games to be recorded and uploaded using the platform or imagine using the whole resource whilst streaming live or delayed.

Live streaming and on demand TV of your games

Live streaming and filming of your games is now available.

You can have single or multiple games streamed back to the club house, to create a Club stream or a weekly TV channel.

safeguarding in football


Our platform structure was built by a government approved grant backed by the skills minister for our sister company which is a highly rated education company. Winner of multiple awards. Only platform to work on the education of its users looking at cognitive thinking and the psychology of those involved.



Our platform helps raise standards in coaching through development and education.



Developing players through analysis and evaluation not just stats.



Not just through technology but through development and education.



Develop and educate the next generation of Referees.



  • Red card appeals
  • Football safeguarding advice and audits
  • Whole club Human Resource and administration
  • Security
  • Legislation advice
  • IT Communications, Blogs and Advice

extras from the platform


Record games for analysis, evaluation and learning

Live stream games and on demand stats


Evaluate performances to develop and educate

Stats and Progress linked via e-learning

Loop film for delay viewing live and recorded

Tag key decisions and actions

Action planning over time to improve

Identify key points to unlock talent


Live Tracking onto Timeline

Highlight reels


Assessment to standards and criteria

Strengths and weakness of players, tactics, systems and opponents



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