Enhance Intelligent Thinking

Data and Stats is key to football, but so is the psychological knowledge and understanding of what you are doing and asking people to do.
Coaching, developing and Changing the cognitive thinking and mind set of a coach, players and officials raising standards across the whole of your club, association or federation.

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Manager Appointments are Key at Community Clubs

When you watch lots of games of football at all different levels, you see match officials with a different style of refereeing, you have some who you can have a good laugh with and talk to, you have the opposite which just aren’t approachable but you know where you...


UEFA will introduce thicker lines for offside decisions reviewed in the Champions League and Europa League by Video Assistant Referees [VARs], in a bid to encourage more goals from next season. The new lines, which may yet be used in this summer's European...

How Referees Can Optimise Preparation

Winter Breaks, Rain and Expert Practice: How Referees Can Optimise Preparation. February saw the first winter break in English football.  While this is common in other European nations, most notably Germany, this novel event saw coaches, players and referees take a...


Are Referees over protecting goalkeepers? I often hear shouts from spectators when the referee intervenes and awards a free kick for an offence against the goalkeeper. So, in this article, I thought that I would try to clarify the law and hopefully provide you with a...

FA Cup 5th Round Match Officials

Monday 2 March  Portsmouth v Arsenal - 7.45pm - Live on BT Sport 1 and BT Sport Ultimate Referee: Michael Dean Assistant Referees: Simon Bennett & Edward Smart Fourth Official: David Coote Tuesday 3 March Chelsea v Liverpool - 7.45pm - Live on BBC One and BBC...


IFAB PROTOCOL (SUMMARY) Procedures Original decision • The referee and other match officials must always make an initial decision (including any disciplinary action) as if there was no VAR (except for a ‘missed’ incident) • The referee and other match officials are...

VAR Process Flawed and Embarrassing

As a grassroots referee you look up to the elite officials to pave the way for you, to make the life of a referee easier by top class performances which can be justified when fans, pundits and others disagree. The processes our PGMOL officials have to follow regards...

Premier League Fitness should Equal FIFA Fitness

Where do you set your bar for achievements, what are your personal standards of acceptance and a minimum requirement for your own satisfaction. I’ve woken up to the fact two of our brightest prospects in refereeing have failed their FIFA fitness tests. Circumstance...

I Love This Game: What Joy, Passion and Mike Dean Can Teach Us About Success

Last month, on the 18th January, referee Mike Dean took charge of his 500th Premier League fixture between Arsenal and Sheffield United.  Dean is, as Mark Clattenburg stated in his newspaper column celebrating this achievement, ‘marmite’; people tend to love him or...

Refereeing in grassroots: Why wouldn’t you do your best?

I have refereed many games over many years and even though the ball doesn’t always run kindly I try my best to deliver the best I can in that moment. But does every referee think the same? I do wonder if my standards are too high sometimes. Refereeing at grassroots is...

What we do

Coach & Develop everyone involved in football, with full tracking and monitoring to raise standards across the board. Creating an understanding of knowledge and identify gaps of knowledge, to upskill them and improve consistency


Coach your coaches and put them on a development journey. Are they implementing your club philosophy? Are they improving? Are they identifying the correct training needs for individual players?  This platform can


Do players know and understand their strengths and weaknesses? Can they track their progress and believe a club is invested in their development. This platform can

Match Officials

Full tracking, full development of match officials with action plans for development. Real life scenarios. Online observation and assessment.
This platform cam

Clubs HR & Training

Fully trackable system to ensure every person involved in the club has the right qualifications at the right level. Allocate training courses to the right people to support your club HR policies.

Academy Education

Award winning educational product backed by OFSTED. Enable a true blended learning approach for everyone involved in the game.
Maths, English, ESOL and so much more


Courses are being added all the time, Laws of the game, Sin Bins and very importantly Safeguarding. Safeguarding courses are written by one of the UK’s leading experts.


Fully trackable system to ensure every person involved in the club has the right qualifications at the right level. Allocate training courses to the right people to support your club HR policies.


Keys to Football have access to the leading experts in their field. We can help build the structure you are looking for: Grow and develop, Officials, Coaches and Players

Expert Legal Advice

Courses are being added all the time, Laws of the game, Sin Bins and very importantly Safeguarding. Safeguarding courses are written by one of the UK’s leading experts.

Platform built on the Knowledge of genuine industry experts

Platform structure built by government approved business backed by highly rated education company. Winner of multiple awards. Only platform to work on the education of its users looking at cognitive thinking and the psychology of those involved.  

Changing the mindset of Players-Coaches-Officials

Changing the Cognitive thinking of everyone involved in the beautiful game

Design Hours

Expert input (Hrs)

Different Countries

Cups of Coffee

Take a peek 

Some of the different areas we look at through the platform
This is great for sport but also an award winning educational company we can offer more for clubs and academies. D

Our Skills

We deliver at every level of football, from developing, mentoring individuals to entire organisations. Delivering development plans and coaching the coaches to sustainability. We have real experts in all areas to benefit, coaches, players and match officials. With this unique platform accessibility isn’t an issue.

Software Development: Our huge strength of delivering education via an award winning education platform for over a decade, ensures what we deliver now is unique and a game changer in terms of how sport people think, and what they do. From body langauge to decision making. Improving the psycology and cognitive thinking of those involved .

  • Development Plans – 88%
  • Mentoring – 90%
  • Software Development – 95%

Keys to Football Platform takes sports analysis to a whole new level, the platform is next generation and involves the cognitive thinking of players. 

The platform we have built benefits so many different areas of sport, clubs, coaches, players, referees and umpires. Educating and upskilling is the key for everyone, testing knowledge regards understanding of instructions. 
Cognitive thinking is key to enhance anyone and develop them further and further.Track progress and consistency and produce action points to help the development.


We don’t just have the platform which will help and develop your club from top to bottom, can help coach and assess referees like never before.

We have an elite team of coaches and officials to help build and structure, officials and coaches who have been at the top of the game.

Helping Associations and countries re-structure processes and procedure to increase standards.

Book us now for consultancy and allow us to give help, advice and if need be bring a team of experts in to build the foundations.

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