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Match officials should always take the opportunity of reviewing their performances to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each performance.

Even with an Assessor present and the report that you receive you should still carry out your own procedure.

To assist you in your process here is a checklist.


1.     Was your management skills effective in controlling the restart of play?

2.     Did you indicate to the kicker to wait for a signal to restart play?

3.     Did you ensure that the defensive wall was retreated to the required 9.15m and remain so?

4.     How did you apply the law when the defensive wall of three or more players was formed and manage the attacking players to ensure that they were at least 1m away from the wall.

5.     When these attacking players encroached did you penalise with an indirect free kick?

6.     How far away were the defensive players when the free kick was taken?

7.     Did you take up the most advantageous position for the restart?

8.     Is the ball placement acceptable?

9.     Did any defender attempt to prevent a quick free kick?

10. Did the player provoke a confrontation by touching or picking up the ball after you had stopped play?

11. Did the player appear to take a quick restart but suddenly leave it to one of his teammates?

12. Did you indicate or acknowledge the restart of the match after it had been stopped?


13. Was there a team benefit when you applied advantage?

14. Did the fouled player still have possession of the ball after the foul was committed?

15. Was there more of a benefit in applying advantage or awarding a free kick?

16. Does the foul committed deserve a yellow card sanction?

17. Does the foul committed deserve a red card sanction?

18. Is the foul committed near the penalty area?

19. Does the fouled player have space to progress?

20. Are there teammates in a good position to pass the ball to?

21. Once you applied advantage, should you then return to apply a sanction?

22. By applying advantage did you put your control at risk?


23. Did any player show dissent by protesting verbally? (by word)

24. Did any player show dissent by protesting non-verbally (by action)

25. Did any player act in a manner that showed a lack of respect for the game?

26. Could earlier intervention by you have prevented the problem?

27. Did you support your Assistant when he received a negative reaction by a decision made by your AR?

28. Did you apply the correct disciplinary sanction red/yellow?

29. Did you identify the difference between frustration and dissent?

30. Did the captain of either team show dissent by protesting?


31. Did you show any signs of uncertainty?

32. Did your body language show alertness or confidence?

33. How quick are you to react to incidents?

34. Have your actions inflamed the situation?

35. Did you remain calm and in control?

36. Were you influenced into taking disciplinary action?

37. Did you use your whistle appropriately?

38. Were your signals in accordance with guidelines?

39. Were your signals clear and held for an appropriate length of time?

40. Did your decision and signal convey authority?

41. How was your carding technique?

42. Are your messages to player(s) clear and precise?

43. Are your messages to player(s) delivered in an appropriate length of time?

44. Did you engage with the team captain?


45. Were you aware of a possible conflict when allowing the game to continue?

46. Was your communication clear and precise?

47. Was the communication intervention by your assistants and VAR (Where appropriate) clear and precise?

48. Did you keep your focus and concentration throughout the game?

49. Was your communication process with players clear and precise?

50. Was your communication process clear and precise when dealing with offending players?

51. Did you issue a disciplinary sanction to the wrong player?

52. What was your efficiency with regard to the application of law?


53. Was your assistant closer to the incident than you?

54. Does your Assistant have a better view of the incident than you?

55. Was the signal from your Assistant clear?

56. Did you make the decision before your Assistant flagged?

57. Were you poorly positioned to see the incident?

58. Was your proximity to play credible?

59. Did your assistant inform you of any misconduct?

60. If an incident has been missed should one of your team witnessed the offence?

61. Could your fourth official have intervened if neither of your Assistants saw the incident?

62. VAR Intervention? (Where applicable)

63. Did teamwork break down due to a lack of concentration by you or any member of your team?

OFFSIDE – Where you are the Assistant.

64. Were you in a good position to judge offside?

65. Was the player in an offside position, if so. Which part of the body?

66. Was the player interfering with play?

67. Did the player gain an advantage by being in an offside position?

68. Did you adopt the ‘wait and see’ technique?

69. Was there any other team-mate in an onside position who has a chance to play the ball?


70. Was the foul committed inside or outside the penalty area?

71. Was the foul committed inside or outside the field of play?

72. Did the player enter or re-enter the field of play without permission?

73. Does the ball enter the goal?

74. Was the ball deliberately kicked to the goalkeeper by a team-mate?

75. Does the goalkeeper deliberately handle the ball?


76. Did any of the attacking players fail to remain 9.15m before the kick was taken?

77. Did any of the defending players fail to remain 9.15m before the kick was taken?

78. Looking at video review should you have had the penalty kick re-taken?

79. Did the goalkeeper gain an unfair advantage by moving before the kick was taken?

80. Did the kicker play the ball a second time before it was played by another player?

81. Did the goalkeeper deliberately attempt to delay the taking of the kick by acting in an unsporting manner?

82. If you ordered that the penalty kick was re-taken was it carried out in accordance with law?

83. Was the penalty kick taken correctly and in accordance with law?

84. Was the goalkeeper of the kicker correctly positioned during kicks from the penalty mark to determine the winner?


85. Should you have stopped the game earlier?

86. Was the law correctly applied to the injured players before play was re-started?

87. Should the stretcher have been signalled for earlier?

88. Did the treatment of the injured player(s) take too long?

89. Did the player exaggerate the injury in an attempt to get an opponent carded?

90. Did you deal with any dissent/abuse from the medic?


91. Did the AR raise the flag in the appropriate manner?

92. Did the AR flag technique confuse the referee/players/spectators?

93. Did the AR change hands before the flag was raised?

94. Was the AR flag signal correct given the infringement that had been committed?

95. What else could the AR have done to get your attention?

96. When applicable was the communication kit used effectively to enhance teamwork?


97. Were the players checked with regard to jewellery/shin pads/footwear?

98. Were the goalkeepers distinctive and in line with law?

99. Did the player wait until there was a stoppage in play to return to the field of play after the equipment check?

100. Was a player allowed to play with blood on the shirt?