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The Platform is not just about stats and technology. 

The platform

Our process is different from any other. Every key aspect and point throughout a game and camera creates a tag for coaches  at whatever level to coach and educate players. Every decision and key play is tagged into the software. Once tagged it creates statistics.   More importantly it starts a learning journey and a communication dialogue between the coach / assessor and the player or official.

It can create a performance log, progress plan or action plan for development.

Regardless of whether they are a coach, player, manager, referee, scout, adviser or assessor each tag or incident can be viewed (via multiple angles) individually through a personalised area that links to learning tasks. These tasks lead to discussions, peer to peer analysis: question and answer sessions with coaches to coaches, coaches to players, and also with managers, advisers, coaches and assessor.  The system promotes that comparisons of performances that correlate to standards, tactics, actions and assessment criteria which can be created and hot tagged previously or within a game.

The platform can be used as a development and educational tool for anyone in your Football club or organisation.

Actions, tactical and development plans are personalised for each person. Highlight reels can be created to show developments in skills, performances and knowledge for coaches, players and personnel over time. Managers, assessors and coaches can view multiple angles of key plays or decision with loop action, slow motion and in a comparison view to improve performances.

What we do

Data and stats are key to football, but so is the psychological knowledge and understanding of what you are doing and asking people to do. Coaching, developing and changing the cognitive thinking and mindset of a coach, players and officials whilst aiming to raise standards across the whole of your club or association is our main focus.

We aim to coach and develop everyone involved in football, with full tracking and monitoring through a proven educational platform by using a range of interactive analysis tools and resources to raise standards.

Coaching Development

Develop and upskill your coaching with this next generation of analysis this goes for coaching players, referees or other coaches. Fully tracked and fully monitored.
Added safeguarding element for parental piece of mind. 

Players Development

Its so important for players to be included and make progress, this next generation of analysis helps not only track teh progress of players, where they started and where they are now, but how each coach working with that player is progressing them along.

Assessing - Creating Consistency

The assessment part of the platform is to help everyone at all levels improve, develop their consistency and track progress. 
Statndardise these areas and coach the coaches and upskill the assessors or observers dependent on your country. 

Referees Development

Priceless for referee development, the platform is the next genration of analysis, developing referees, their coaches and mentors. 



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