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Many referees, FA’s and Referee associations can offer help and support around the world, a way for you to improve your game.
Keys to Football can offer the same help, guidance, development and advice, however its clear to show we also go even further, we can give grassroots referees a chance to get World Class support.

Keys to Football take a blended learning approach using sister companies You Gov approved platform to help develop football knowledge in terms of the laws of the game but going even a stage further using video to enhance your game beyond anything else available until you reach the very top of the game. Even then, the platform is probably beyond a lot of what’s on offer, this used for coaching and for referee development.

referee training

Improve your gaps in knowledge

Improving Coaching and Refereeing

Reaching standards on a regular basis

Our platform offers group chats with the best, opinions and video analysis if interested no matter where you are in the world feel free to get in touch via the online form.