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Distance Learning – Like no Other

Online distance learning is a great way to embrace extra profressional development within your football organisation with the facility of white labelling any aspect for your ethos, standards and criterias that government your organisation.

Some bespoke and pre-built theorectical and practical sessions can be placed on to the system to address meet your learning and educational requirements.

With the distance learning modules on offer you can mix and match what ever you need.

Every thing is tracked and monitored all your players and their progress. `

Our platform allows for a unique and safe live face to face disscusion, lecture facilities time recording application for contact time can be increased without the players needing to be on site. 

We put education at the forefront of YOUR clubs, players, coaches and officials success. 

Distance learning forum, to discuss subjects, look at lessons and discuss. Increasing contact time with your players, ensuring progress academically and in football. 

The platform can be used to analyse, evaluate and compare the whole or individual skills, decision made, tactics performed in games and training… or to compare what you did in training to a match.

The platform can be used to deliver Exams, Laws of the games, English lessons and Functional Skills to a huge range of players who don’t have English as their first language. 

Our Skills & experience

Our platform structure was built by a government approved grant backed by the skills minister for our sister company which is a highly rated education company. Winner of multiple awards. 

Education, development and stats

We deliver at every level of football, from developing, mentoring individuals to entire organisations.

Delivering development plans and coaching the coaches to sustainability. We have real experts in all areas to benefit, coaches, players and match officials. With this unique platform accessibility isn’t an issue.

Software Development

Our huge strength of delivering education via an award winning education platform for over a decade, ensures what we deliver now is unique and a game changer in terms of how sport people think, and what they do. From body language to decision making. Improving the psychology and cognitive thinking of those involved .

Live streaming of matches

Our platform aims to deliver live streams to the dug out, changing rooms or back to the club house for home or even away games at any level.

It can be used as a live or recorded tool so you can have on a delayed time line or loop.

Matches can be viewed open sourced or encrypted which opens up so many sponsorship and revenue streams through our platform.

It can also be used for subscriptions and highlights for any player so that any parent, grand parent or guardian can be following progress of their loved ones online or offline.


Not just stats – Track and record major events, key decisions and actions

We aim to coach and develop everyone involved in football, with full tracking and monitoring through a proven educational platform that has been moderated to use a range of interactive analysis tools and resources to raise standards.

The platform is being used by Under 8s and Under 11 teams right through to semi professional to Professional clubs.

Regardless of level, this platform can be used for your players, coaches and club.


Use stats and development plans through learning and action planning to raise standards


Yes stats are important but surely Messi, Maradona, and Xavi prove those that are purely focused on stats that this approach is so 80’s.  Let the coaches coach and let the players be focus in learning through play.  Allow the platform to use any criteria  that is tailored to your playing and coaching ethos so that progress, education and development occurs and standards are raised.

Record and compare to the outcomes

Your stats, performances and platform regarding to your criteria for each players  and coaches outcomes can be instantly viewed, compared and discussed one to one in person or over vast distances in discussion groups.

What ever your ethos of coaching… Regardless of level, this platform can be used for your players  and club reach those.



You can use our elearning slides, video clips, quizzes, scenario based learning, multi media and extensive views of plays, actions and decisions made that are incorporated by the films and recordings. These recordings of key incidents, goals, key passes, positive set plays or good plays performed can be included into our elearning slides to challenge any individual.

These aspects can be used within the lessons to create a tasks, questions, diagnostic tests and action plans that is personalised for each learner regardless of whether they are a coach, player, referee, or administrator.

There is a vast range of learning tools at hand within the platform which challenges the cognitive thinking skills, knowledge and understanding of those learning to enhance their overall development to the standards set.

The elearning can relate to their own performances, tactics, awareness, opposition, comparison of performances, laws of the game and to any criteria or assessment strand. This learning platform can be used remotely, in a classroom, as presentations, or as a structured development plan to break down barriers to learning and drive standards up.

Target: Assessment
Improving standards by creating consistency

Self-Assessment: Referees evaluating their own performance prior to their coach / mentor
Referee Observations: can be done anywhere and added to the platform,
Observer Observations: A development tool to coach and assess the observers – Raising standards, upskilling creating consistency.
Coaches Observations: Enable a coach to coach the coaches, follow club philosophy, upskill and develop staff
Fully track able to show progress and development
Players: Self-Assessment on performance in training and games.
Coach: Feedback regarding training, games and development plans put in place.
Players progress and development tracked and monitored, helping regards club age group transitions

Ability to create action plans and allocate to referees, coaches (players and referees)


About Us

Keys to Football is part of the EDLounge Group of businesses, who have over a decade of experience of delivering distance learning online. We have also recently been inpsected by the Government HM Inspectors Ofsted and have won a place onto the Flexible learning Fund via the government to create blended learning in the classroom and via remote access over great distances to break down barriers to learning. 



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